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Jadwal TV ANTV

Jadwal TV ANTV

9 Desember 2019

Jam Tayang Program
00:00 WIB Karma
01:30 WIB Sinema Spesial
02:30 WIB Sinema Spesial
03.30 WIB Sinema Spesial
04:30 WIB Masha And The Bear
05:00 WIB The Owl And Co Klip
08:00 WIB Shiva
09:30 WIB Angry Birds
10:00 WIB Oh Mama Oh Papa
11:30 WIB Kasam
14:30 WIB Sinema India
18:00 WIB Pengantin Dini
20:00 WIB Garis Tangan The Series
21:30 WIB Garis Tangan
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